Fresh Okra in maturation stage, prepared by:
Removing crown, thorough washing, thermal treatment (enough to deactivate oxidation enzymes), rapid frozen & packaged in Good Manufacturing Practices according to Egyptian Standard No. (1702 – 2005).
Physical Characteristics:
Color: Characteristic of fresh Okra.
Free from freeze injury (Brown Spots).
Flavor: Good and free of any strange flavor.
Size: Extra Less than 1.5 cm Allow 5% (count).
Zero Between 1.5 -2.5 cm Allow 5% (count).
Size 1 Between 2.5 – 3.5 cm Allow 5% (count).
Size 2 Between 3.5 – 4.5 cm Allow 5% (count).
weka More than 4.5 cm Allow 5% (count).
Chemical Characteristics:
Color: Free from Color additives.
Pesticide Residual : According to Codex Alimentarius.
Heavy Metal: Arsenic Not more than 0.1 ppm.
Lead Not more than 0.2 ppm.
Microbiology Characteristics:
Total Aerobic Plate Count: 100.000 cfu/gm.
Yeast & Mold:50 cfu/gm.
Coliform:100 cfu/gm.
E.coli: Negative
Packing & Storage:
Packing:Packaged in polyethylene bags inside Plastic Sack packaging weighing 35 kg.
Packaged in polyethylene bags inside carton box packaging weighing 10 kg.
Shelf life:18 months from production date.
Storage & Shipping
Store at: 18°C