Shipping is the most important thing you should know about

It is not a loss of freight from the means of transport of goods, but it is also one of the mechanisms of peoples’ communication, as it is a great step to know the progress of the people as it shows the extent of the state’s progress through the material and goods to other peoples, which reflects the progress of the state and its people It is one of creativity and modern industries

Introduction to maritime shipping steps

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Shipping is one of the oldest shipping methods known and used since time

As shipping is one of the oldest ways known to man in the conduct of things that trade as it was old cargo was shipped by caravans and ships, so as to include the order to the current time as it is done by the fastest means of development, which reflects the savings in time than before.
The steps of the shipping process and the types of ships used

Shipping is the transport of goods from one place to another or from one country to another by ships and ships, which is the most important means of shipping in the world, and the most common, and depends on most of the world, the ability of ships to reach distant countries, as well as the capacity of vessels, Transport of different sizes, transporting very large quantities of goods, often transportation using containers.

Shipping is one of the oldest means of shipping that appeared before air freight. It depended on commercial vessels that roam the world for the transport of goods. These ships developed until the ships and giant vessels appeared. Each country has fleets of merchant ships to facilitate the movement of its vessels worldwide.
Types of ships used by shipping companies

Passenger Line:

Passenger ships vary in size according to the distance they travel, and the ports that they travel on. These are the small vessels that accommodate a certain number of passengers, including the trans-ocean vessels, which are huge ships that are equipped with all the passengers’ Including for the transport of goods, refrigerators for the transport of food, and places to transport passenger cars.

Shipping by sea: There are three types of cargo ships
General cargo line
Designed to transport general cargo, often have a double surface or are equipped with three surfaces, to facilitate the sealing of goods inside the ship, and often these goods are placed in kratin or drums, and these vessels are quick and timely arrival to them accurately.

Shipping by ship Goods:
It is used for transporting grain of all kinds such as corn, wheat and barley, and is equipped with special fittings and wooden dividers. The grain is transported in sacks. It is also used for transporting raw materials such as iron ore, and is equipped with dogs for easy loading and unloading.

Shipping by custom ships
They are designed according to the type of goods they are transported through

Refrigerator lines: dedicated for the transport of perishable goods, which need to be cooled such as food, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc. These ships are equipped with cooling devices to varying degrees depending on the type of goods they transport, and its walls have walls lined with insulating materials.

Live animal transport line: It is characterized by providing electric fans, and has special corridors for the transport of live animals

Container lines: equipped with containers, characterized by facilitating the process of loading and unloading, arranging the goods inside the ships in an orderly manner, and not stacked

Sea freight using tankers
It is designed to transport fluids, in the form of tanks with pipes and pumping machines, long cutters, and reduce fluid movement when moving and vibrating. It is used to transport oil, grease, petroleum and its derivatives. It is also equipped with heating devices to ensure that goods are not frozen during transportation in cold areas. Also used to transport grain, if the tanks are clean.

Shipping by sea
It is intended for the transfer of gases such as natural gas for distances far from the fields of production, if the fields of production close to the areas to be connected are extending pipelines to deliver gas, and if the distance is the transfer through this type of ships

Types of containers used in sea freight

Containers are the best means of shipping, characterized by fast and easy shipping and unloading, and the protection of goods and not to be lost or damaged, and container types:

Standard Containers: Multiple sizes available 20 feet, 40 feet.

Refrigerator containers: Equipped with coolers.

Open containers from the top.

Container containers.

Container boxes.

Flat containers.

Mobile flat containers.

Containers with a metal structure.

Shipping Company

The shipping company provides you with a lot of procedures to transport your shipment. The transport company has cars dedicated to transporting goods to the shipping port. These vehicles guarantee the safe transport of goods without damage or breakage, and the shipping company has the means to transport heavy equipment.

The shipping company helps you to sort the goods and identify the sensitive goods that are subject to breakage, or the goods that need special care, and packaging the goods, using the latest means and materials used in packaging, which preserves goods throughout the transport period, especially sensitive goods