Definition of mango pulp:
Mango Pulp is prepared by extracting the liquid obtained from mature mango ;
Fresh fruit is maintained in excellent conditions by suitable means according to Egyptian Quality Standard No. (685-2005).
Physical Characteristics:
Color :Reddish yellow.
Texture:Smooth texture and homogenized.
Flavor & Taste:Natural flavor of Mango and free from burned, cooked or any off flavor taste.
Appearance:Mango pulp is processed without pips, seeds and peel.
Chemical Characteristics:
Brix:15 – 17°Brix
pH : 3.7- 4.1
Acidity%:≤ 1.2%
as citric acid
Microbiology Characteristics:
Aerobic Plate Count:0 cfu/gm.
Yeast:0 cfu/gm.
Mould:0 cfu/gm.
Anaerobic Bacteria:0 cfu/gm.
Packing & Storage:
Packing:In aseptic bags inside steel drum, 4 drums on each pallet.
Shelf life:24 months from production date.
Storage:In cool and dry place; store in ambient temperature (+25°C); Protect from moisture and direct sun light; Consume once the bag is opened or keep frozen; Free of preservative or artificial colors.