Fresh pre mature leaves free from any foreign leaves prepared by:
Thorough washing, thermal treatment (enough to deactivate oxidation enzymes), cut, minced & rapid frozen and then packaged in Good Manufacturing Practices according to Egyptian Quality Standard No. (1681 – 2005).
Physical Characteristics:
Color :Characteristic of minced Molokhia.
Free from freeze injury (Brown Spots).
Flavor :Good and free of any strange flavors.
Chemical Characteristics:
Color :Free from Color additives.
Pesticide Residual :According to Codex Alimentarius.
Heavy Metal :According to Codex Alimentarius.
Microbiology Characteristics:
Total Aerobic Plate Count:100.000 cfu/gm.
Yeast & Mold :50 cfu/gm.
Coliform :100 cfu/gm.
E.coli: Negative
Packing & Storage:
Packing :Packaged in polyethylene bags inside Carton Box packaging weighing 400 g (as standard practices).
Shelf life :18 months from production date.